My son started at Alpha when he was 2 1/2 years old. He came from a home environment, so a family oriented/intimate setting is what I was seeking. Alpha Montessori was the perfect match. Alpha is like one big family. My son, who is now three, knows all the teachers by name, even those who are not his classroom teachers and the same goes for the staff. The staff is exceptional, as they are professional, warm and friendly. The curriculum is also great, as he has learned a great deal since he has started. I would recommend Alpha, without any reservation to all parents!
— Tira
Our two-year old son loves Alpha Montessori, as do his parents. His speech was not coming along as we had expected and we were advised to start the child in day care. What great advice, now we can’t believe how well he is speaking and how much vocabulary he has. Alpha has the best hours for working parents. The staff are caring and attentive. The school is big enough that there are enough resources so that a child can have a variety of learning experiences yet, the school is small enough that they (and their parents) get enough one on one attention from teachers. The other nice thing about a somewhat smaller school is that dropping off and picking up are much faster than at bigger schools with long car pool lines. Overall a very flexible school that understands the crazy and changing schedules of parents and their children. Alpha Montessori is a wonderful resource for children and their parents.
— Matthew Sanger
Alpha Montessori is the first Pre-K school for my son Eric, who doesn’t speak English. I’m glad and feel lucky we chose this school. The teachers and staff are helpful and very responsible for kids. My son loves this school so much and is happy every day! The school has created a good, safe environment for kids to learn and grow. It’s so sad we have to switch to another school from this semester due to moving, but until now, he still remembers every teacher in Alpha Montessori and often asked me when he can come back.

Good job for all the staff in Alpha Montessori School!

We appreciate the care you provided for my son Eric!
— Ping